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Evabot was founded by four founders who worked together at iCouchApp. They launched Evabot on July 3rd, 2017 with the goal of making corporate gifting more efficient for businesses. The idea was that if businesses could automate their corporate gifting processes, they'd have more time to focus on building stronger relationships with their customers and employees.

The Evabot team quickly realized that the key to great corporate gifting is simplicity and personalization. They created an AI named Eva who collects hyperpersonal data from recipients—things like their tastes and dislikes—and then chooses personalized gifts based on that information.

This process reduces the time and effort required for senders to plan and send gifts, allowing them to focus instead on building strong relationships with their customers and employees.


Rabi Gupta (CEO)

Akshay Gupta (COO)

Ashish Kumar (CTO)

Satwik Saxena (CMO)


Comcast Ventures,

Alumni Ventures,

& Angels.




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