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Advisory Board
Scope & Engagement

Indian technology talent is recognized globally for its expertise and the depth of the pool. The presence of multiple Indian-origin CXOs in the global technology ecosystem is a validation of the maturing executive pool. 

Yet only a few Indian-origin companies have been able to grow and scale to achieve global dominance. The main reason for their success was their ability to sell their products on a global stage. 

Selling globally makes sense mainly for three reasons: 

  1.  Not all markets value tech innovations equally. 

  2. Not all markets have a similar depth. 

  3. Thirdly, improve on margins. 

For example, if you are a B2B startup, you would consider the American markets as they have the biggest enterprise market. Having your earnings in Dollars and keeping your costs in Rupees could add more percentage to your margins. Building for the world from India is therefore the key mantra! 

For companies to emerge successfully it's imperative to overcome this geographic gap and deliver on a global scale. Similarly, it is the VC's imperative to help bridge the gap for the founders. During the transitioning period, FortyTwo works with the portfolio companies to figure out their GTM Strategies for entering the foreign markets. Compliance requirement, we assist founders to navigate the complexities of compliance requirements when building a multijurisdictional startup. And lastly in accessing the right market. 

FortyTwo has built out an advisory board for the startups to use. The Advisory board consists of leaders in B2B space. Portfolio companies can access our advisory board on improving access to the market. 

Advisory Board’s primary focus for the portfolio is expanding the company’s Market Access. The portfolio will benefit from leveraging the access to enterprise clients and later-stage funds for their sales and future fundraising endeavours accordingly. ​

We're always on the lookout for new B2B startups.  So if you are solving problems in the B2B space, let us know about it at

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